This Morning

I awoke looking forward to a hard day full of work this late september morning, we're under the gun and there's tons of pressure, once again I won't make it downtown. I put on the TV as I got ready and heard kelis-trick me, luca diriso- calma e sangue freddo, and the black eyed peas- let's get it started; MTV here has maybe a total of 20 songs, and most times they play about 5 of them. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day, probably about 24 degrees outside. I have a routine now, the week could take place anywhere at this point as I basically hit the hotel, the office, and sometimes a local restaurant. But then again, on the weekends I am in Rome. At some point I will move here and live in Trastevere, I'll get every where on a scooter, and it'll be paradise. If it's at the right point in my life ($) I'll open a fusion tapas bar and introduce more Romans to sushi and other worldly delights(my big plan is to have chefs come in like big name DJs for one night: imagine Nozawa on a 3 dish rotation. You pay your 30 euro cover, you get what he gives you, and a week later you argue who's set was better, his or Matsuhisa's).

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