Back to the Bay Area after a damn good weekend at home

A damn good weekend

Surf Rock

  • The Ventures- Hawaii 5.0
  • Dick Dale & His Del-Tones-Misirlou
  • Surf Rider - The Lively Ones
  • Beach Boys- California Girls
  • The Revels- Comanche
  • Zebrahead-Waste of Mind
  • Red Elvises- Bedroom Boogie
  • The Ventures-Wipeout
Back to silicon valley after a weekend in LA (Fatburger- a fatburger with cheddar, bacon, and a fried egg; Zankou Chicken- chicken Sandwich extra garlic; Izzy's deli- tuna melt, I think; In-n-Out (kettleman city)- double double, grilled onions). This was an interesting weekend, I hung out with people I haven't seen in years and made the acquaintance of a few people whith whom I have shared at most one or two words, so it looks like the circle of people to party with expands. Today's links are a motley group with no theme: self-similar flash spiral avoid this one if you get dizzy easily. The best ofbash.org, these are great quotations worthy of such genius minds as spanky, fat tom, and gyppo lou.


Eating in LA

Home for the weekend

Food hits in no particular order

  • Roscoes Chicken 'n' Waffles- Scoe's special
  • Fatburger- Double fat w/bacon, cheddar and an egg
  • Pink's- dog w/ pastrami and swiss
  • Zankou- 1/2 chicken 2 pita hummus and extra garlic
  • Carnies- Chilli cheeseburger
  • Apple Pan- Hickory Burger
  • Jose bernsteins- Korean burrito
  • Diddy Reese- icecream sandwich( double chocolate cookie, mint chip icecream, chocolate chip cookie)
  • Benitas Frites- Medium fries w/ Andalus sauce, or shitake arugula mayo
  • Canters- pastrami, expensive but traditional
I am in beautiful southern california for the weekend and I have a hit list of places where I must gorge myself. This weeks playlist counts off a few of my personal faves. I've only got one day free to try, and one of the meals is spoken for, but I'm gonna do my best to check a few off the list, or just try and hit up as many fat burger locations as possible. my next blog posting will contain my results. Kobe rocks


The Ultimate War Sim

The Ultimate War Sim One from ray yang, this would be an rts wargame that I would play

Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theatre

Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theatre For those of you who used to play 8-bit role playing games, this cartoon is a must. I's got action, adventure, humor, and random ass encounters


Rubbing salt in it

This post might be a little oblique unless you know me pretty well, but the internet at large is an interesting way to vent 8^Þ

Someday, when I'm awfuly low...and the world is cold, I will feel a glow...

  • The four Tops-It's just the same old song
  • U2-One
  • Crowded House- Don't Dream it's Over
  • Simon and Garfunkel-America
  • Crowded House- World Where You Live
  • The Beatles- Nowhere Man (inside joke at Paoli's)
  • Bobby Darrin- I'm Beginning to See the Light
  • Billie Holiday- The Way You Look Tonight (roof of campbell, night working in the etch lab)
  • Paul Simon- The Obvious Child
  • INXS-Beautifull Girl
  • The Police-Synchronicity II
  • David Bowie- Golden Years
  • Harry Belafonte-Man Smart(Woman Smarter)
  • David Bowie- Rebel Rebel( just cause she liked the song so much)
  • Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes (long, live version)
So this post has recently been edited since it first went up, because really, my life's much better than the old post version would have led one to believe. While I can't shake that naked eyes lyric, cause there is always something there to remind me, I'm really doing qute well now. I guess my current mindset is best described by Gyppo Lou's historic quote to a cute scientologist in Miyagi's (which will soon be appearing on a t-shirt in my cafe press shop, with 1/2 net (initial)proceeds going to lou for saying it with a straight face).


Ulli's Roy Orbison in Cling-film site

Ulli's Roy Orbison in Cling-film siteThis is possibly the funniest thing the internet has produced in a while, it is a non-sexual parody of a fan fetish site. Def worth a read


I've got soul....and I'm super bad

Tearin the roof of the sucka

  • Average White Band- Pick up the pieces
  • James Brown- Pappa's Got a Brand New Bag
  • Stevie Wonder- Superstition
  • George Clinton- Atomic Dog
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers- Higher Ground
  • James Brown- Super Bad
  • Commodores- Brick House
  • Parliament- Flashlight
  • Kool & the Gang- Jungle Boogie
  • Parliament- Dr. Funkenstien
  • Isaac Hayes- Shaft
  • Beastie Boys- Sabrosa
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers-Rollercoaster

Many may wonder why I have selected this playlist of funk and soul. There is but one answer, and it came to George Clinton straight out of the pyramids: "Funk is its own reward." Every once in a while I feel that it is important to take a step back from the drudgery of our lives and embrace the funk. Many of my good friends have also taken this to heart like former disco vigilante Tom Berman a.k.a the impresario of Funk, Ryan Salcedo the Funky Fish(founder of the Earth, Wind, & Fire tribute band "Water"), or Nick Hinkell who eats, sleeps, breathes, and skates the funk every day. So the next time today someone asks you to acknowledge something respond in your best baritone with an "I dig", or a "Damn straight," unless they be jive'n in which case you can tell 'em what the five fingers said to the face


And her name was Veronica

Veronica's playlist

  • The Offspring- Bad Habit
  • God Lives Underwater- No More Love
  • Jimmy Hendrix- Fire
  • Rage against the Machine- Bulls on Parade
  • Beasties Boys- Paul Revere
  • The Offspring- Come out and Play
  • The Rolling Stones- Satisfaction
  • Nine Inch Nails- Sin
  • Rage Against the Machine- Bullet in the Head
  • The Smashing Pumpkins-Zero
  • Nirvana- Come as You Are
  • Ministry- Jesus Built my Hotrod
This playlist is dedicated to my buddy Brian's first car. Her name was Veronica she was a silver 1985 Nissan 300ZX t-top. Brian was the first one of us in highschool with his own car so he drove us around alot. Without Veronica we would have missed out on many of the antics that made the highschool so much fun. I'm putting this up today because I saw a Z today that looked exactly what veronica must have in her prime. We all miss her, but I bet Tommy misses her the most. Basically what she looked like In the end she was running on 3 cylinders and had to go, but she was still a sweet car. In her honor, I may have to get a G35 coupe in silver for my next car.

Make friends using your phone!!

Learn how to use your phone better Classic book about how to use a telephone, a must read. Of course this is another one from my aunt