New blog, 6thing.com

After playing with blogger and twitter and facebook and all the rest I decided to try a short format blog and have created with some friends 6thing.com It's a simple blog that posts arbitrary lists of 6 things. The lists come in via submissions over email, or from the recesses of my mind. Take a look


Forgotten Memes: Ate my balls

So whilst over at nina's museum blog ( check the blogroll), I noticed that egads! She's a member of a webring, they still exist. Like finding a bakalite felix the cat at a garage sale I was suddenly excited. Wow, I remember these from when the web was young.

One of my favorite web rings for inane humor in the late 90's was the "ate my balls" webring. Of the same level of class as "Fat chicks with party hats," the ate my balls sites featured entire sites devoted to comic strip like speech bubbles over images of people where they'd talk about various ways of eating balls. These days something like this would just end up on something awful.

According to wikipedia, nehal patel's "Bob Ross ate my balls" was the first, but his 1998 Mr T ate my balls was the site that drove this fad to it's highest popularity.

Added some yelp to the blog

I figured since I keep posting food pictures anyway I may as well add the yelp "bling" to the blog. I still use yelp a fair amount, even when my blog postings are infrequent, cause hey... you still gotta eat. Overall yelp is very useful when you don't know where to go in any given area, but for a newcomer to the site, unless you know the tastes of the reviewers, it super easy to get burned by reviews from people who think themselves experts. By and large quality of reviews is allover the place, but when a place has been reviewed 20 or more times you can usually get a good bead on it.


One day only in the big easy

Just came back from a 30 hr trip to New Orleans, and boy was it fun. Met up with Jack (the pirate) and crashed at the W in the Quarter. We managed to make our way from the quarter down to frenchman stopping at bars and gorging ourselves on fried food such as the delicious sandwich pictured above. Highlights of the evening were talking to locals in little random dive bars, an awesome frozen irish coffee, fried green tomatoes and shrimp in a spicy sauce at a hookah bar, and getting out of the torrential downpours that peppered the evening