Berman does Vegas

Moblog to change

Well it seems that my usage of textamerica's moblog service is about to come to an end, so those periodically changing pictures on the right hand side of the page will be going the way of the dinosaur and I'll have to look for a new host. If you can recommend a new service, please leave a comment.


Seeq Pod

By no means new, but seeqpod is where I've been getting my internet music from lately, because it's also a good way to download some music the old fashioned way, by having someone else scour the internet for you to find a directory with no index file so you can just pick and choose the music. In short I now have a couple of those Ambulance Ltd, and Hot Chip songs I was looking for. Gotta love the Web, part deux.

Every day I wake to the same song

So it's kinda sick, but lately when I wake up I've had the NIN song "Every day is exactly the same" running through my head. It's kinda funny because it doesn't relate to my life at all, but I guess that's kinda what drives me out of bed, the opportunity to keep my life as far away from the purgatory described in the song. It forces me to keep my master plan moving forward ( for autotheism to work I have to truly believe that I work in mysterious ways but it's all part of the master plan). I thought this would be a good way to start blogging again, since lately I've been spending a lot of time yelping . Despite all the comments about Yelp being a group of oversexed over rich dot-com kids engaging in pseudo intellectual cullinary masturbation, it's actually a great group of people and a good way of figuring out where to go for food. You just have to sift through the slurry for the gems.