Happy Carnival, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Fasching, Shrove Tuesday...

Yes folks it's the time of year for christians to go buck wild before lent. Las year at this time I went to a party at a bar in rome and it was all kinds of craziness. This year I find myself in dallas and am probably not going to do anything. I thought in this holiday post I'd hit on the lesser known side of fat tuesday, shrove tuesday or national pancake day. I like to focus on the pancakes, (the pennsylvania dutch have special doughnuts called fastnachts) because they're so wholesome and different from the way one normally sees mardis gras. That's right folks no drunk topless co-eds, or sleazy europeans, just good old fashioned pancakes with syrup. I hope all of you had a chance to make it out to IHOP before 2 for your free short stack to celebrate



So I have done it, I have (almost) taken the plunge. I installed world of warcraft yesterday on my laptop. In a day or two I will create my account and being the slow demise of my lovelife, social life, and professional career. I started reading the manual and some boards, and it's actually a pretty freakin sweet game. It's a great microcosm of geekdom. There is a whole world that (as a wired article tells me) is beginning to rival golf for networking possibilities, and is becomming unbelievably fascinating as a community. I figure there's got to be some way to make a hell of a lot of money out of this, but maybe I'll just leave it to blizzard :)

Stik& Store (HOTT)

Yes folks it's all true, Stik&Stor gives cell phones loads of memory So this kludgy looking solution can add a whole lotta useful storage to cellphones for a small amount of dough. In short, I dig it. I love any simple cheap(er) solution to add functionality to another product.


Sweet new low power chips

I caught this wired article about Magnetic Chips, and I am super excited. The future of computing is obviously in low power high density logic gate arrays instead of transistors(like quantum and molecular computing)and this is definitly a step in the right direction :)


UCLA tabletop fusion | Science Blog

Got the link to this via slashdot:NY team confirms UCLA tabletop fusion | Science Blog. So instead of a dose of pathalogical science, it seems this is actually the real deal. Of course it's not gonna be an endless energy source, but it could lead to portable neutron guns, and everyone wants one of those