Happy to be alive

Playlist of vitality
  • The Beatles- Good day sunshine
  • James Brown-I Feel Good
  • U2- Desire
  • Beastie Boys-Girls
  • kotton mouth kings- dog's life
  • David Bowie- Golden Years
  • Guns 'N' Roses- Paradise City
  • House of Pain-Jump Around
  • Us3- Cantaloop
  • George Clinton- Atomic Dog
  • Harry Belafonte- Matilda
  • Bob Marley-Jammin

So, I've been pretty bummed out the past few days (for obvious reasons if you've been talking to me lately), but this morning on the way to work that changed. I saw an accident that resulted in a bad car fire and two ambulances on the scene. Based on the configuration of the accident, the flaming car was making the same turn I was about to when it got nailed. It suddenly occurred to me that regardless of how stressed or bummed I am, at least I'm not on fire in an intersection on the way to work. My outlook on the day did a complete 180, after all it's sunny and gorgeous outside, and while I have 34 test cases ahead of me at work today, I won't be thinking about them from a burn ward. It's a shame it took a possible fatality to slap a little perspective into me, but I'll take what I can get.


Bob Dylan: Idiot Wind

Bob Dylan: Idiot Wind So according to my friend tommy, this is the best song ever. If you see this link please add a link to the lyrics of your favorite (vocal) song ever in the comments.


Columbia Spectator Online

Columbia Spectator Online Pic from the front page of the Columbia U newspaper, Jenni O'Reilly-Jones supporting her TA and slapping the face of "The Man" click "back to article" for the full story.


Keep on downloading in the free world

Heroes and Monsters
  • Blue Oyester Cult- Godzilla
  • Warren Zevon- Warewolves of London
  • Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein
  • Black Sabbath- Iron Man
  • Jim Croce- Don't mess around with Jim
  • Bob Dylan- The Mighty Quin
  • Spin Doctors- Jimmy Olsen Blues
  • Queen-Flash Gordon
  • Wesley Willis-I Whooped Batman's Ass
StationRipper tired of the RIAA suing you? This is completely free and leagal ( as the law stands right now). So find your favorite shoutcast station, and rip rip rip away. On another note, I now also have finally become one of the first kids on my block with gmail, woo hoo! So I am now hkarmark at gmail in addition to hotmail.com, infowindo.net, cal.berkeley.edu (still my primary), and a couple others. If you're wondering how this relates to to the playlist I will explain: google= heroes, RIAA= people who sue 12 yearolds with no money who wouldn't be buying records anyway(short leap to monsters)


Web Photo Gallery Creation

Web Photo Gallery Creation - Freeware for Windows So lots of people out there have armies of digital photos they want to upload in a nice easy way. This is an about.com roundup of a bunch of freeware programs to let you put your pictures up on the web in a nice easy way, generating thumbnails and html for you with little effort.


Ninja Style

Matrix Music/Street Sam Grooves

  • Prodigy-Mindfields
  • Propellerheads-Spybreak(extended)
  • Rob D -Clubbed 2 Death (Kurayama Mix)
  • Rage-Wake Up
  • Meat Beat Manifesto- Prime Audio Soup
  • |\| | |/|-The Becoming
  • Prodigy- Smack my Bitch Up
  • KMFDM-More and Faster
  • Marylin Manson- Rock is Dead
  • Hive- Ultrasonic Sound
  • Stabbing Westward- Save Myself
  • The Crystal Method- Comin' Back
  • Trent Reznor vs Korn - Freak on a Leash
  • Lunatic Calm- Leave you Far Behind
Woke up this morning feeling amazing, like I had skill and power somewhere between a ninja and a jedi. Which is surprising after I spent last night consuming a pasta bowl of obscene proportions that was supposed to last me through the week. Mom, I love your arrabiata. Feeling carnivorous I added about a half pound of chopped up greasy pork italian sausage into the bowl. I ate a good 8-10 servings of pasta and a bag of trader joes haricot vert. After about an hour I experienced a food coma that actually caused me to black out. I slept like a baby ...a baby that had been hit on the head by a few pounds of spicy pasta. So I thought I would share some of my ninja feelings with you. Feeling hungry want food delivered by silent assasins? Try ninja-burger I highly recommend the fries of their glorious ancestors. To get the full ninja experience you could always join the master ninja livejournal community. But to truly enjoy the comedy and power of flipping out and killing people you should go learn about real ultimate power. The best is the real ultimate power hate mail. Sayonara.


Best keyboard ever alive and well

Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard Unbe-freakin-lievable. The best feeling keyboard I have ever used before ( the apple extended keyboard) has been resurrected using the same mechanical keyswitches as the original. This keyboard is huge and noisy, but has an excellent feel and keystroke depth. They only give it a five year warranty, but at home the family has a couple of the adb originals that are well on their way to being adults(18 that is) and still working great. If you are a mac user I strongly recommend that you get one of these

Just links, no music ( forgot the ipod )

MujMac - Tatra Mac G4 One of the sweetest embedding projects I've seen, strangest too because the guy uses a mac rather than a linux box.

wikipedia the best free encyclopedia available. For those of you who aren't familiar with the wikipedia this is a must see



Dark kinda mood

  • The Doors- The End ( I just had to put it at the beginning)
  • Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead
  • Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • The Cure- Burn
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees- Shadowtime
  • |\| | |/|- Dead Souls
  • KMFDM- Anarchy
  • Joy Division-Something Must Break
  • Bauhaus-She's in Parties
  • Tool-Aenema
  • The Cure- Lullaby
For a number of reasons I woke up in a dark mood today. Yesterday I had a discussion with a co worker about morons who take no personal responsibility and sue fast food joints for getting fat. When did it become okay to blame other people for your own failings or stupidity. Because of idiots and their slimy lawyers we have warnings about putting ladders on soft ground, warnings about over exertion for starting lawn mowers, and now soon warnings on fries. "Surgeon General's warning, these fries have been shown to make your ass bigger." We're quickly running out of selection mechanisms, so I guess it was my sudden desire for a selective wave of idiot seeking death that inspired the playlist. Of course it's easy for me to say all of this, not having any real problems in my life, but if you couldn't figure out that eating nothing but cheeseburgers was gonna make you fat, not seeing your feet is the least of your problems. But then again we all know what happens if you get rid of all of the telephone sanitizers (the answer is 42).


simsi my new favorite software:http://www.rowlff.de/simsi/
photos blogs and better living through technology

Offbeat music

  • Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire
  • Wall of Voodoo- Mexican Radio
  • Beck- Deadweight
  • Cibo Matto-Sci Fi Wasabi
  • Nails- 88 Lines about 44 women
  • Cake- The Distance
  • Poe- A rose is a rose
  • Violent Femmes-American Music
  • Propellerheads-Take California (and party)
So I've decided to write my blog posts a little slower, and try to reduce the errors in them. I have received enough email, from a sibling who shall remain nameless, that it behooves me to clean up my act.
On a completely separate note I have recently acquired a camera phone and begun moblogging. It occurred to me that this would make an awesome medium for playing assassins with cameras using a weblog, so if you are interested email me. Photo scavenger hunts with this thing could also be pretty cool. My buddy Tommy has the idea that you are interested in his opinion, if by some chance you are you can get your fill at his blogamateur night



Rockin in the 80's
  • Flock of Seagulls- I ran
  • Aha-Take On Me
  • Thompson Twins- Hold Me Now
  • Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Frankie goes to Hollywood- Relax
  • Nena- 99 Luftballons
  • Taco- Puttin on the Ritz
  • Falco- Rock me Amadeus
  • Wang Chung- Living in a Box
  • Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
  • Tommy Tutone- 867-5309(Jenny)

In Honor of my 80's playlist I thought I'd lst a couple nostaliga links for all the children of the 80s 80's Cartoons Central great site with an alphabetical list of all your favorite cartoons. 80s Children.com - 80s Cartoons, Toys, Fashion, and More generic site for 80's stuff. The 80's Movies Rewind Home of 80s Movies, fast rewind, of course all of you can search out your own john cusack, and molly ringwald links. but I thought you'd all enjoy a trip through the way back machine.
Recent Discoveries at engrish.comFOr merry fun happy web surfing time and sexual potency
Steven Seagal You have to read this if you're a steven seagal fan. true or not, it's hilarious


a visual representation of headlines from google news with links to the stories, an interesting visual way of aggregating content. this is my new official news site

also you should check out gmail if you can get it to load gmail.google.com, a gig inbox and you can google your messages by the content crazy no?