Keep on downloading in the free world

Heroes and Monsters
  • Blue Oyester Cult- Godzilla
  • Warren Zevon- Warewolves of London
  • Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein
  • Black Sabbath- Iron Man
  • Jim Croce- Don't mess around with Jim
  • Bob Dylan- The Mighty Quin
  • Spin Doctors- Jimmy Olsen Blues
  • Queen-Flash Gordon
  • Wesley Willis-I Whooped Batman's Ass
StationRipper tired of the RIAA suing you? This is completely free and leagal ( as the law stands right now). So find your favorite shoutcast station, and rip rip rip away. On another note, I now also have finally become one of the first kids on my block with gmail, woo hoo! So I am now hkarmark at gmail in addition to hotmail.com, infowindo.net, cal.berkeley.edu (still my primary), and a couple others. If you're wondering how this relates to to the playlist I will explain: google= heroes, RIAA= people who sue 12 yearolds with no money who wouldn't be buying records anyway(short leap to monsters)

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