News flash

Anyone else get the buzz that cheney is stepping down for health reasons?

I have paid for my haste

So back in december I decided I needed a new phone, I was having problems with my old nokia and it was just time to move on. I wanted to get the motorola L7, but to get it unlocked was about $400 bucks, so I settled for the lesser, but similar L6. Let's just say I feel dumb now cause the L7 is out on cingular, and it's quadband and it's $50 bucks less than what I paid for my L6 :( SLVR iTunes - at Cingular Wireless Now I have to decide to take the plunge again, and just save this other phone for Europe


Really ironic tshirt

Why would you ever buy this t-shirt from thwart design when you could just make something like it yourself? I could understand if they were selling stencils, or even a kit where you could make the shirt, but to sell this is really silly. Of course I guess the funny thing is the people who buy it, not the people selling it


Milestone aproacheth

I got about a month till I hit a quarter of a century. So I've decided to do what I can to look my age. That's right folks, I'm growing a beard again (or at least trying). I'll post pictures to share my bearded glory with the world, but this time I'm gonna make a better go of it than last time. It's been about 2 weeks now and it's really coming in. I figure in a month or so it'll be as thick as it's gonna get. Unfortunately it looks a little terrorific, but it does give me a couple years.


Portals, back again

For a while the big buzz of the internet was all about portals and personalized start pages. Yahoo emerged as the portal king with myYahoo, but after the buzz is gone a lot more interesting with rss letting you create pages with content from wherever the hell you want. My personal choice is personalized google, but ItsAStart.com is another great one with a good look. With rss the portal is really reduced to just a display framework, so it'll be interesting to see if yahoo can still hold it's territory