Milestone aproacheth

I got about a month till I hit a quarter of a century. So I've decided to do what I can to look my age. That's right folks, I'm growing a beard again (or at least trying). I'll post pictures to share my bearded glory with the world, but this time I'm gonna make a better go of it than last time. It's been about 2 weeks now and it's really coming in. I figure in a month or so it'll be as thick as it's gonna get. Unfortunately it looks a little terrorific, but it does give me a couple years.


SavageCats said...

....I'm just remembering in high school when you didn't shave for two weeks and Uma thought you looked like the wolfman....Kinda regretting that I told you to shave it. Would have been an interesting sight. Can't wait to see the new madness.

Anonymous said...

i beat you to it man. i haven't shaved since december. I've got a full on chuck norris (which goes nicely with the current chuck norris facts trend). I'll try to get a pic together to send to you for comparison.