Sparkling Seattle day

As luck would have it, our trip to seattle has been blessed with amazing weather, an abundance of delicious copper river salmon, and plenty of friends in town.  Another nice coincidence was chancing upon the waterfront festival at pike place market.   Can't wait to see what gems today holds.


My new super comfy ridiculous shoes

About a year or so ago I saw a dude in the airport with shoes with separate toes. I didn't get a chance to find out where he got them, and I wasn't successful in finding them on the internet. Two days ago a good buddy of mine (who misses his mommy) mentioned he got some new amazing shoes called vibram fivefingers. I looked em up and sho 'nuff they were the same shoes I'd seen a year ago.

These things look absurd, but they are amazingly comfortable and give you the barefoot hippie experience without the callouses and cuts. I think I'm gonna make these my default summer shoes.


Yay deep fried twinkie!

So it's been a year and a half and I'd used all but two of the wedding registry appliances we received.  The last two to see action were the deep fryer ( for health reasons) and the soymilk maker because it just hasn't come up yet.  Last night we went to a barbecue and brought oreos, batter, and our little cuisineart deep fryer.  The batter was pancake mix + a couple eggs and milk instead of water.  

We were the hit of the party with fried oreos and fried twinkies.  Unfortunately the snickers weren't cold enough so we ended up with snicker bits rather than nicely batter fried snickers, but overall it was a resounding success


Nice weather cometh- time to start doing stuff

So I'm coming off of the flu and after being in the apt for 3 straight days I'm getting antsy.  Since  the weather is turning to that beautiful time of year packed with cheap activities it's time I started planning. That means  things like... hikes, bikerides,  guerilla movie screenings, grunion runs, bee keeping, learning to play tennis, etc.  My goal is to try and spend weekends doing as many different random fun activities for as little money as possible.  I figure LA is one of the best places to do it thanks to the weather and options.  Some of em require gear which will be initial cash layouts for bikes, raquets, projectors, and the like, but plenty of em are free and great ways to spend an afternoon.


Rise and Fall of the Doucheoisie:Part 1

Well it's beginning to happen, after a sharp rise the doucheoisie are beginning to fall from their places of self importance as their disposable incomes plummet and their lifestyles become untenable.  This isn't to say they're gone for good, or disappearing from their bastions like the marina, it's just that their footprint is shrinking with their opportunities

To understand and enjoy the decline of one of the most irritating social groups in america it's probably good to start at the beginning.  The next installment Part 2 will chronicle the rapid rise of the douche , Part 3 will focus on the apex of the douche culture, Part 4 will focus on the beginning of the decline, and Part 5 will be a discourse on the future role of the douche in society

If I were still in school, I could probably get a soc, or cultural anthropology thesis out of this, but instead I'll have to just enjoy the pseudo-intellectual wanking of putting it in print.