Ballerina dances with giant NASA robot penis

Yes that's right, in this pop-sci article they cover the worst jobs in science. Number 9 is NASA Ballerina. It's pretty nutty, you really have to read the article and see the ridiculous video.

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Red Elvises, Drifting Sand at Slim's (Saturday, October 22, 2005)

Hey Guys, this saturday my favorite communist surf band from siberia is playing at slims. you may remember them from the six string samurai soundtrack but if you don't you def need to check em out:Upcoming.org: Red Elvises, Drifting Sand at Slim's (Saturday, October 22, 2005)


Culture Based Security Measures

This post on engadget about a new flash key from SolidAlliance is great because it describes security measures that are purely cultural. That's right there is no extra software or hardware involved except for a small cloth bag . Read the post for details, but I think there's definitely something to this idea.


Infopr0n-Where do you live

While surfing wired, I stumbled on theCommonCensus Map Project It's an interesting project graphically showing the regions in which people assosciate themselves with certain cities. Unfortunately the sample sizes aren't real big and the site's a little broken right now, but it's definitely worth a quick look, and a hop back in a few days after all the wired buzz dies down and the new votes are added.


Hilarious spam/phish hook

Some of these phishers have gotten creative, but not much smarter. Check out the "clever" text at the bottom to confuse the spam filter.


Hi Katherine!

We are happy to present you with six deals from four different
brokers. Please remember that there is no commitment required
on your part, and your credit is not an issue.Please validate
your information with our secure and private database to ensure
our records are up to date and accurate.


Have a good day.


Katharine Sparks
Customer Service Rep
eBTB Inc.

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Super cool mp3 player

So while browsing engadget today I came across this super sweet pez dispenser shaped mp3 player. If I didn't already have 5 different portable mp3 playing devices (not including computers), I would order one of these right now. But if anyone's looking for a small storage mp3 player with a lot of style, you can't beat this sucker.

Livin it up in the Hotel Corporation

Yesterday I went out to dinner with an old friend, and in the midst of talking about our jobs, I came to the scary conclusion that I'm well suited to corporate life. Well, I suppose I should say that I'm suited to the culture where I work. At any company there are certain ways to behave to earn labels of being "a team player," "a real go getter," "a self starter," etc. Getting this kind of recognition is related to your actual work, but it comes more from what you do outside of the actual deliverables. Unfortunately there is no point in school where they teach you these little things, you have to learn them through trial and error, or from some sort of a mentor which isn't always easy to find. I'm sure e-how has lots of lists for this kind of thing, but it can vary a bit between companies and it's nice to have advice from the inside. Personally I've been really lucky with the trial and error, as well as getting a lot of good advice from people in the office and other companies. I just wish I'd had a quick seminar at school about what to do before i'd made it out into the real world, cause man if I knew then what I know now...

Green Guerilla Gardening

So a buddy of mine on this group blog I post to just put up something interesting:Green Guerrilla Gardening. There's a lot I like about this post aside from the alliteration (which, by the way, I am a huge fan of). It has a very hippie, reclaiming the earth kinda feel. If people went about it intelligently it could actually be a really good thing. Of course if people just arbitrarily scattered seeds you could get plant problems in gutters and storm drains, sidewalks getting messed up etc. but overall I like the idea. As I get more and more entrenched in my corporate life, I like to add little subversive touches. I think I'll add this to the list of activities for my guerilla group (subversive sararimen).


Nintendo acapella

DevilDucky - Redefined: A Cappella Nintendo Medley yes it's exactly what you think it is and it's worth the time :). My personal favorite is the tetris theme song with the interpretive dance.

The joys of airline catalog shopping

So this ones a few days old, but man do I identify with this comic. Penny Arcade's take on skymall, but where's the cat stroller?


When Interfaces Kill

So I arrived at this page through a convoluted set of links, but I think it's a really great post on human interfaces. Ergonomic design is an important consideration with any interface, but with some it can mean the difference between life and death. AskTog: John Denver: When Interfaces Kill