Livin it up in the Hotel Corporation

Yesterday I went out to dinner with an old friend, and in the midst of talking about our jobs, I came to the scary conclusion that I'm well suited to corporate life. Well, I suppose I should say that I'm suited to the culture where I work. At any company there are certain ways to behave to earn labels of being "a team player," "a real go getter," "a self starter," etc. Getting this kind of recognition is related to your actual work, but it comes more from what you do outside of the actual deliverables. Unfortunately there is no point in school where they teach you these little things, you have to learn them through trial and error, or from some sort of a mentor which isn't always easy to find. I'm sure e-how has lots of lists for this kind of thing, but it can vary a bit between companies and it's nice to have advice from the inside. Personally I've been really lucky with the trial and error, as well as getting a lot of good advice from people in the office and other companies. I just wish I'd had a quick seminar at school about what to do before i'd made it out into the real world, cause man if I knew then what I know now...

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