I am 24

Yes it's true, I am officially a 24 yearold. Now when I go to bars and tell women I'm 25, it's that much less of a lie (I wonder if I can pull off 26?). To celebrate the occasion I bought myself a semi usefull piece of travel gadgetry. The archos gmini 400 a tiny little personal media player with 20 gigs of storage, and 5hrs of movie playtime. I figure with a portable dvd player I'd get half the life and this way I can carry all the media on the device. When I get that tiny new mitsubishi led powered projector my little tiny theater to go will have fully come together.


Social networks

I have so many online community memberships that it's becoming ridiculous friendster, orkut, facebook, meetup, linked-in, I-neighborhoods, dodgeball, tribe, myspace, metails. Most of these communities have their respective foci like mobbing ( dodgeball), regions ( meetup, I-neighborhoods), commerce( metails), college(facebook), and professional networking(linked-in). I initially got started on these because of invitations from friends, and I didn't really do anything with them after that. At some point I realized that, as lazy as I am, these are a great way to keep up with friends. But as I started to hit a critical network size on friendster where I started attracting random friend requests (region switch to italy helped), I began to see real leverage potential. There is a great opportunity here to deliver a message virally and with subtlety, think chain letter or pyramid scheme only with a little more intelligence. All I need now is something to sell and a hook to hype it. The channel is already there, I'd just have to make friends with the right supernodes (people with lots of friends) and recruit them. The obvious and scary thing here is that someone has already thought of this, and is right now applying scientology like recruiting techniques (you think all those actors are scientologists because they think it's cool?) to the people in your social network that you deem to be cool. Why attempt to follow trends when you can make them, espescially when you have complete information about peoples likes dislikes and how they are linked to eachother. The real question is am I comming to this conclusion too late to do anything with it?


When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet

The New York Times has a link to something absolutely fascinating. This chef is doing some extremely interesting things with food.


Marc Hirsch, the iterations begin

I received two very good comments to the previous post and one really good comment over IM. Mentioning the project on the blog may have been an error. It instantly cripples the effort because if someone is very taken with him and googles him all falls apart. All considered, for the sake of comedy, I shall continue. I think I actually want to make marc a little more of a compelling charager with different views than my own. Mormon or not this will involve some research; afterall, the last thing I want to do is create a stereotypical caricature. This character should have some depth and be likable. I'm just worried that he will end up being an avatar of my id (trying to avoid this, I was thinkin someone personable and clean living). The "clueless narcissist" (see comment thread for previous post) persona might be good, but it hits a little too close to home, I think I could play the part too well...but maybe that's the point, let's run with that. Maybe marc can be self satire.


Live fps, gps enabled

So I just read an engadget post about the tron bike game being replicated with cellphones and gps, but what about using technology to do this with other games. Like what about a lasertag like game where both people have gps and you can see eachother's location on a near eye display imagine how sweet that would be if you could get a city wide game going where people join one faction or another and the gun is just a highly directional ir laser. I personally would pay a ton of dough for a game like this imagine just walking through a city with a pair of sunglasses on that suddenly bring up a map informing you that someone is within killin distance. There are a ton of variations that could come out of this. Cause man would that would be a cool way to spend a saturday, walking through a dense urban area looking to pick off members of a rival faction.