Marc Hirsch, the iterations begin

I received two very good comments to the previous post and one really good comment over IM. Mentioning the project on the blog may have been an error. It instantly cripples the effort because if someone is very taken with him and googles him all falls apart. All considered, for the sake of comedy, I shall continue. I think I actually want to make marc a little more of a compelling charager with different views than my own. Mormon or not this will involve some research; afterall, the last thing I want to do is create a stereotypical caricature. This character should have some depth and be likable. I'm just worried that he will end up being an avatar of my id (trying to avoid this, I was thinkin someone personable and clean living). The "clueless narcissist" (see comment thread for previous post) persona might be good, but it hits a little too close to home, I think I could play the part too well...but maybe that's the point, let's run with that. Maybe marc can be self satire.

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