Thin client word

So I've talked a lot about subscription apps, and thin client software, but here's another ajax based gem called:ajaxWrite. Of course it supports all word doc formats, and will save to your local machine, but with flash storage and remote hosted applications like this , lightweight client boxes could really become the norm.


Found neologism ( or, brown power!)

This post might be a little controversial with a set of people, but here i go. In reference to urban/hip-hop influenced second generation Indians, until today I had only heard the term indigger (indian+ "the N word" ). Today I came across it as just "digger" (desi+ the N-bomb). The usage was definitely derisive, but I think it's only a matter of time till the ghetto fabulous ABCDs(think second generation indians with baggy expensive clothes, white or black lexi (is/gs) mercedes(c class) or beamers(3 series), parents in medicine/tech/law, and of course a healthy disrespect for "FOBs" ) co-opt it and use it with eachother ala "'Sup my digga?" or "Digga please!" I hope this one goes mainstream, but either way I'm on the lookout.


Slidin back from the bleeding edge

So lately I've been off the intertron (think interweb, only more derisive) for a while due to some interesting professional and social developments. Unfortunately in my protracted pilgramage to the real world ( no I was not on WOW) I have slipped on what's up. Unfortunately this means I'm behind on stuff like who's bought who, what crimes 14 yearolds on myspace are commiting, and the new auto-angst-meter on live journal (it's actually just a jpeg on "max"). But have no fear, the blog will continue to spew out useless slurry into the blogscape, it'll just be a little less up to date, and maybe with more of an analog focus.