Found neologism ( or, brown power!)

This post might be a little controversial with a set of people, but here i go. In reference to urban/hip-hop influenced second generation Indians, until today I had only heard the term indigger (indian+ "the N word" ). Today I came across it as just "digger" (desi+ the N-bomb). The usage was definitely derisive, but I think it's only a matter of time till the ghetto fabulous ABCDs(think second generation indians with baggy expensive clothes, white or black lexi (is/gs) mercedes(c class) or beamers(3 series), parents in medicine/tech/law, and of course a healthy disrespect for "FOBs" ) co-opt it and use it with eachother ala "'Sup my digga?" or "Digga please!" I hope this one goes mainstream, but either way I'm on the lookout.

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alicechen said...

noo you're white.