Hilarious spam/phish hook

Some of these phishers have gotten creative, but not much smarter. Check out the "clever" text at the bottom to confuse the spam filter.


Hi Katherine!

We are happy to present you with six deals from four different
brokers. Please remember that there is no commitment required
on your part, and your credit is not an issue.Please validate
your information with our secure and private database to ensure
our records are up to date and accurate.


Have a good day.


Katharine Sparks
Customer Service Rep
eBTB Inc.

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Angie said...

Hi via Sal's VTB. I have always wondered about that text, being somewhat computer illiterate myself. Why does spam always have those nonsensical words at the end? How does that confuse (or not confuse) the filter?

harsh said...

Certain phrases trigger the filters, but they don't want to get valid emails that contain these phrases. By using words that are outside what the filter will likely know about, or odd word combinations , a filter might let it through based on a couple words in the garbled text. Personally i don't know exactly how it works, but all I know is that this one got through my filter