Happy to be alive

Playlist of vitality
  • The Beatles- Good day sunshine
  • James Brown-I Feel Good
  • U2- Desire
  • Beastie Boys-Girls
  • kotton mouth kings- dog's life
  • David Bowie- Golden Years
  • Guns 'N' Roses- Paradise City
  • House of Pain-Jump Around
  • Us3- Cantaloop
  • George Clinton- Atomic Dog
  • Harry Belafonte- Matilda
  • Bob Marley-Jammin

So, I've been pretty bummed out the past few days (for obvious reasons if you've been talking to me lately), but this morning on the way to work that changed. I saw an accident that resulted in a bad car fire and two ambulances on the scene. Based on the configuration of the accident, the flaming car was making the same turn I was about to when it got nailed. It suddenly occurred to me that regardless of how stressed or bummed I am, at least I'm not on fire in an intersection on the way to work. My outlook on the day did a complete 180, after all it's sunny and gorgeous outside, and while I have 34 test cases ahead of me at work today, I won't be thinking about them from a burn ward. It's a shame it took a possible fatality to slap a little perspective into me, but I'll take what I can get.

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