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Offbeat music

  • Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire
  • Wall of Voodoo- Mexican Radio
  • Beck- Deadweight
  • Cibo Matto-Sci Fi Wasabi
  • Nails- 88 Lines about 44 women
  • Cake- The Distance
  • Poe- A rose is a rose
  • Violent Femmes-American Music
  • Propellerheads-Take California (and party)
So I've decided to write my blog posts a little slower, and try to reduce the errors in them. I have received enough email, from a sibling who shall remain nameless, that it behooves me to clean up my act.
On a completely separate note I have recently acquired a camera phone and begun moblogging. It occurred to me that this would make an awesome medium for playing assassins with cameras using a weblog, so if you are interested email me. Photo scavenger hunts with this thing could also be pretty cool. My buddy Tommy has the idea that you are interested in his opinion, if by some chance you are you can get your fill at his blogamateur night

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