And her name was Veronica

Veronica's playlist

  • The Offspring- Bad Habit
  • God Lives Underwater- No More Love
  • Jimmy Hendrix- Fire
  • Rage against the Machine- Bulls on Parade
  • Beasties Boys- Paul Revere
  • The Offspring- Come out and Play
  • The Rolling Stones- Satisfaction
  • Nine Inch Nails- Sin
  • Rage Against the Machine- Bullet in the Head
  • The Smashing Pumpkins-Zero
  • Nirvana- Come as You Are
  • Ministry- Jesus Built my Hotrod
This playlist is dedicated to my buddy Brian's first car. Her name was Veronica she was a silver 1985 Nissan 300ZX t-top. Brian was the first one of us in highschool with his own car so he drove us around alot. Without Veronica we would have missed out on many of the antics that made the highschool so much fun. I'm putting this up today because I saw a Z today that looked exactly what veronica must have in her prime. We all miss her, but I bet Tommy misses her the most. Basically what she looked like In the end she was running on 3 cylinders and had to go, but she was still a sweet car. In her honor, I may have to get a G35 coupe in silver for my next car.