Eating in LA

Home for the weekend

Food hits in no particular order

  • Roscoes Chicken 'n' Waffles- Scoe's special
  • Fatburger- Double fat w/bacon, cheddar and an egg
  • Pink's- dog w/ pastrami and swiss
  • Zankou- 1/2 chicken 2 pita hummus and extra garlic
  • Carnies- Chilli cheeseburger
  • Apple Pan- Hickory Burger
  • Jose bernsteins- Korean burrito
  • Diddy Reese- icecream sandwich( double chocolate cookie, mint chip icecream, chocolate chip cookie)
  • Benitas Frites- Medium fries w/ Andalus sauce, or shitake arugula mayo
  • Canters- pastrami, expensive but traditional
I am in beautiful southern california for the weekend and I have a hit list of places where I must gorge myself. This weeks playlist counts off a few of my personal faves. I've only got one day free to try, and one of the meals is spoken for, but I'm gonna do my best to check a few off the list, or just try and hit up as many fat burger locations as possible. my next blog posting will contain my results. Kobe rocks

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