Back to the Bay Area after a damn good weekend at home

A damn good weekend

Surf Rock

  • The Ventures- Hawaii 5.0
  • Dick Dale & His Del-Tones-Misirlou
  • Surf Rider - The Lively Ones
  • Beach Boys- California Girls
  • The Revels- Comanche
  • Zebrahead-Waste of Mind
  • Red Elvises- Bedroom Boogie
  • The Ventures-Wipeout
Back to silicon valley after a weekend in LA (Fatburger- a fatburger with cheddar, bacon, and a fried egg; Zankou Chicken- chicken Sandwich extra garlic; Izzy's deli- tuna melt, I think; In-n-Out (kettleman city)- double double, grilled onions). This was an interesting weekend, I hung out with people I haven't seen in years and made the acquaintance of a few people whith whom I have shared at most one or two words, so it looks like the circle of people to party with expands. Today's links are a motley group with no theme: self-similar flash spiral avoid this one if you get dizzy easily. The best ofbash.org, these are great quotations worthy of such genius minds as spanky, fat tom, and gyppo lou.

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