Rome, halfway done

So I'm at just about the halfway point for my rome trip and I've gotten pretty settled. Thanks to my mom I have some locals to hang out with, and I've started making plans during the week night for dinner so I don't go nuts. Things are moving a long smoothly and my plans for eventual settlement in Rome are fleshed out a little more. I think I will try and open my tapas bar in Trastevere, and also get an apartment over there. Aside from crawling with Americans, Trastevere is a great area to hang out in. It's got a really nice vibe and lots of young people. If I end up being able to live out here for any length of time, this is where I'd try to get a place. The comedy of the haircut has worn of and I have leveled it out a bit with a pair of scissors, not much, just enough that I could go into work today and not feel ridiculous. For those of you that hate mondays I have a little bit of a humor link ( keep the sound on but turned down a little, audio NSFW).

side note>> Today I just remembered that the charger to my ipod has the standard 2 prong input found on many laptop powersupplies. Once again apple, you've made my life better. My international adapter for my laptop slides right into the plug on apple's ac adapter for worry free charging. Damn those guys in cupertino are smart.

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Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...

in case you ever head to britain:
neat thing i found when i forgot and sent my adapter home: you can use the standard euro two pin in the british sockets if you just poke the end of a fork into the ground socket.