Rome (extended remix)

So I still haven't gotten out to see any of the city yet, but it seems like that's gonna be okay since they've got me staying out here till the 3rd week of october. That's a long time to be away (6 weeks total) espescially since I still haven't completely moved into my new Foster City apt yet. But hey, it's Rome, I'll think I'll deal. When I gt back I will throw quite the housewarming party

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Anonymous said...

So this may or may not be of any use but maybe if it's floating around in the back of your head it'll be useful. There is an awesome little bookshop that sells great stationery, clocks, calendars, and other assorted items that are all loaded with European charm. I don't have the address but I do remember that it's right near the Pantheon. Like if you're facing the Pantheon, it should be between 7 and 8 o'clock. It's on a corner, about a block away. Now there is a small chance that it's near the Trevi Fountain but honestly, I've always remembered it as being near the Pantheon; it was only just now that the Trevi popped into my head.

Also, a word to the wise: if a Roman tells you that something is "just a 5 minute walk" away, don't believe them. I learned this the hard (although scenic and interesting) way. And as my friend from Rome says: "Oh! It's just a 5 minute walk...that's like our national motto!"

And you should most definitely go to Pompeii. Take a bus, rent a car, hitchhike. Just get there. And don't skip Herculaneum b/c actually it's better preserved than Pompeii, just not as famous. I recommend getting a tour guide in Pompeii. When you arrive they all sort of holler at you statistics about how huge the city is to scare you into hiring them, but it really is worth it. Not that it's such a huge place; it's more that they know tons of great anecdotes about everything from the writing on the walls to the stones in the streets. My tour guide in Pompeii MADE my trip to Italy. And if you have time (you could probably do all this in one, full day), go to the Naples museum b/c that's where they have all the molds of the people that died in the eruption, not to mention all their stuff that was preserved (even loaves of bread!).

I hope you're having an awesome time!