Rome Web Album

The album  from my big day out. Today I got out to see the city, and Rome has rapidly climbed the list of my favorite cities in the world. It's got fantastic weather, reasonable food prices, great people, and unbelievable scenery all around ( see pictures), some day I may try to learn italian and move here. Today I walked around downtown and waded my way through all the tourists. Apparantly on weekends with weather this fantastic romans tend to flee the city to beaches, so there was a really bad local to tourist ratio today. I started my day in the city at about 1pm with a large prosciutto e mozzarella pannino and a glass of wine, the bill was only 5 euros, that's 6 bucks for a big sandwich and a glass of wine, is this paradise? I walked around alone for a couple hours and took some pictures of a couple key spots (see album), and then met up with a friend of my mom's in the evening. We did more of the touristy thing, ate gelato, and grabbed a delicious dinner. Now I love LA, it's by far my favorite city in the states, but LA ain't got nothing on rome. This place has unbelievable history and culture, beautifull people, fantastic weather, great food, and it's even got palm trees. I think I'm home.

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