Weekend in Sydney

My buddy Ali's family lives in Sydney, so he offered me the guestroom for the weekend and his services as tour guide, how could I refuse. Friday night we got in from the airport and went directly to an upscale bar filled with well dressed good looking people, think NYC with nicer people. After a couple hours at the bar we hit drove through the extremely seedy kings cross (crackheads and prostitutes lining the sidewalks) to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a bite. Harry's has been around in Sydney for ages, it's a little trailer in a seedy part of town that's open late and serves tasty food to defile the temple of the body. I had a chicken pie toppped with mashed potatoes and cheese sauce, and what they called a chilli cheese dog. A harry's chilli cheese dog is bizzare, it's a hot dog with mashed peas (yes, mashed peas), onions, chili, hot sauce, and this bechamel looking "cheese sauce". Lemme tell ya, after a bunch of drinks it was delicious. The next day I took the ferry to Manly, got a great view of the city from the harbor and walked around. Went to the gym, then went out again. Sydney has this casino that looks great on the outside, and looks like the stardust on the inside. Ali's friend was celebrating her 29th, so we celebrated by going to this club in the casino with a bar that overlooked the casino floor. 80's music, and neat 'fiddich's for $6US, suffice to say, a good time was had by all. The next day was a little more sight seeing and recovery, then back to the office.

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Anonymous said...

Six dollars? Let's become ex-pats in Sydney. We can probably make our money around the King's Cross.

T. Berman, Greenwich Village