Melbourne day 5

Behold, it warms!!
Other than work and meals not much has happened so far in my melbourne trip, but I will still share some of the day2-day5 highlights.
For breakfast the other day I grabbed an awful vegemite sandwich just to say I've had one. Melbourne seems to be a great city for food, despite the vegemite. Night before last I had crocodile with scallions, ginger, and snowpeas at a chinese place, and last night I had a tandoori chicken pizza with a mint raita on top, the food here has treated me well. To replace the usual greeting of " 'sup?" I've picked up "How you going?" to which I guess the response is "great." I've also finally made real use of orkut and friendster to find out good places to eat and drink in Melbourne (many thanks to the orkut groups: melbourne foodies and melbourne, and also to the friendster user Miss Kate). This trip is working out pretty well, now we just have to get the deal :)

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