Day 2 Melbourne

Work and getting around

Today was my second day of work in melbourne. Began the day with a "long black" (kind of a double americano, easy on the water) and a bacon egg and cheese muffin. I'm really begining to dig this city, on the walk from my hotel ( melbourne sofitel) down collins street to work the melbourne feels like a cross between a european city and somewhere in the east coast. The europe part comes in with the walkable clean alleys and random interesting stuff: I walked by a shop where instead of mannequins in the display window they had a group of co-ed models in underwear dancing lip synching to YMCA. Work was a hard productive 11 hour day with a Pho break for lunch, and afterwards we closed the day with a great tapas dinner. I could get used to this lifestyle.

Down Under Playlist short but existent ( and updated)

  • silverchair- hard to drink
  • kylie minogue- can't get you out of my head
  • the vines- get free
  • AC/DC- back in black
  • Jet- Are you gonna be my girl
  • Ben Lee- Cigarettes will kill you


Anonymous said...

Good music choice big big big bro. Kylie Minogue...i listen to that too.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm "little bro", the Kylie's actually a little suspect unless you've got the New Order/Blue Monday version. It's okay, I'll still tell people we're related. But if you want music from your new land, why not add Jet? Or Ben Lee?