It's the laptop, and me, and the code makes 3 tonight

The Sofitel Melbourne is a sweet hotel, tonight I got back to my room and found strawberries, chocolate, and a chilled bottle of white wine with a note from the management saying "hope your project goes well."   At first I found it cool, and then it sunk in that it had this kind of unintended backhanded feel to it.  The note may as well have said "we're giving you a gift cause you're here for so long, but we're rubbing it in that you'll be drinking this by yourself in front of a computer tonight ,if you get to drink it at all, oh and here's two glasses just as a reminder."  Good thing I'm bloody bold, and resolute. ( I saved the wine for a less depressing chance to crack it, but I was all over the strawberries like a fat kid on a cupcake)


Anonymous said...

Dude, cynical overthinking much? Gift horses, mouths, etc. Besides, how did they know you hadn't met some Aussie of fabulous (or disrespectable) repute that you wanted to romance? -uk

harsh said...

Wasn't intended to come off as harsh as it did, I was just bummed and exhausted at the time, the stawberries and chocolate were excellent

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. more uncensored Harshness plz