Am I hot, or not?

The joys of seeking validation or humiliation from random people on the internet. I had a conversation about my looks with a recent acquaintance who shall remain namless, and we disagreed on my position in the absolute (national, not LA or bay area) 10pt scale. In order to settle this dispute we agreed to turn to the ultimate scoring medium, hotornot.com, using the only picture I seem to use online (as seen on this page, friendster, and orkut) . Feel free to click the following link, but vote honestly, a wager of drinks rests on the outcome after 200 people have rated me. Have no worries, I will neither be crushed nor get a swelled head, afterall, I know what I look like


Anonymous said...

More importantly, are you going to tell us what you thought you were?

harsh said...

Ahh, yes, she claimed that on a national scale I was a high 5. Since I have a much healthier opinion of myself, I said I was a solid 6, easy. But I think this post may have skewed my results a little :)