Designer Emulation Kits, and Exec Toys

So it's the season of little useless holiday gifts for the person who has everyting. So I thought I'd add a suggestion to the pack. At Emulate :: Designer Emulation Kit you can find little pcboard homages to a few classic designers lamps. Each one of these snap assembly kits sits on top of a standard 9v battery (think smoke detector) and makes a nice addition to any executive desk.

However, if you want one of the classic 1980's interactive desk toys , I recommend one of the following(I left out a lot of the classic kinetic magnetic, pendulum, spinning wheel, and liquid movement toys because I feel the ones are better)

  • Newton's Cradle
  • Pinhead- readily available( called Pin Art these days), also look for the clock
  • crdl- really tough to find these days(only found em on ebay)
  • tangle- go for the original chrome or a primary color
  • Euler's disk

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