Thoughts about the future

So I just saw about half of the movie paycheck (alas, I forgot the charger for my gmini in LA), which was way better than I expected after the awful reviews. Thanks to the movie I started thinking about seeing the future. So I began to wonder, are there any truly random phenomena in the world such that, with the exact same inputs you could get non-deterministic output. It wouldn't take much, for instance if the systems that cause weather have some non deterministic aspects, that could lead to people behaving differently, and the farther you looked into the future the less accurate the prediction if it rests on human behavior. I'm not looking to find that the universe is completely random, I just want to feel like there are some things that are really just chance. I guess this is something I'll let bounce around the old skull for a while. Afterall, it's not an issue because we can't see into the future, and aside from that there'd be no way to truly freeze the inputs into any given system, but hey it's still something to wonder about.

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