Mucking with the lexicon

Okay so sms and IM speak is starting to invade regular conversations among the younger set. I have actually heard someone use OMG, and jk in conversation ( tommy sh'oaks little sister). I shit you not, she actually uses "Oh-em-gee" and "jay-kay" in regular conversation. Rather than let this bother me I thought we should just try and add to the slurry. To muck with things a little more I want to try and introduce some new ones, based on the internet language of "love" (german), and see if they spread. My current personal favorite is MGIH or "mein gott in himmel!" as an OMG replacement if this catches on we can force a sort of AOLspeak++ (or maybe just end up with a bunch of sms messages we could trade at a kraftwerk concert).

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GC PHILO said...

Hmm, I don't even know what JK is. But it's getting way out of control if you heard someone say OMG. I just stick to the good ol' tried and true... FU