My sweet ipod case

For the holiday weekend I decided to put together an LA hipster outfit as my costume. It was a huge success but the crowning piece was the ipod case I made. The case is basically a really narrow ugly tie with a vinyl window tied to a carabiner. The fabrication was really easy, I cut a square in the tie and glued in the vinyl window which I had cannibalized from a smartmedia card sleeve. I added a hole in the back for the headphone cable, a safety pin to make sure the nano didn't slide down past the window, tied the thing to the carabiner with a sloppy knot and voila hipster ipod case ready for any belt. I like it so much I think I'm gonna' start using it regularly


Gianfranco said...

Ahahahahah!!! Nice job!!!
I have to tell it to Fabio. Do you remember he use the tie as a keyring?
Have fun!

Jason said...

you know what you should do? use it as a real tie.