Things come full circle

Last night I was in our London office at about 11pm with a couple co workers, and we decided it was dinner time. After about 5 minutes on local google it was clear that delivery pizza was our only option. After checking a few sites we finally found one that was open...
Flash-back to Rochester, NY early autumn one year in the late 80's. I'm eating at a little crappy pizza place on winton north of east avenue called Captain Tony's , and I think to myself, "self, you'll probably never eat here again."
I was wrong, the only pizza place that would deliver to the office after 11 was Captain Tony's Pizza and Pasta Emporium (found at www.captaintonys.com). Yes, this amazing woldwide franchise seems to be the only link between such glamourous locations as London, Rochester NY, and Quartz Hill CA. I really hope this isn't some strange portent of my impending demise

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