I'm writing this post from a hotel lobby in madrid because they can't get my internet working in the room. This trip has been cool, 10 mins after checking in the hotel caught fire and I was evacuated. The ethernet port in my first room was dead so they downgraded me because all the better rooms were full. Second room and mac address is being rejected by the hotel system because it says I just checked out. On the plus side, the guys in the spanish office are a lot of fun, and the hotel comped me a huge plate of mixed ham ( ham is a big deal to the spanish) and a bottle of wine to make up for the other issues. I think I can safely say that 2 years ago I never would have pictured myself nursing an overpriced beer in a hotel lobby in madrid, writing blog posts using wifi, and compaining about having to evacuate because of fire. The worst thing about this trip is actually that it's playing hell with my ability to speak any language, Every time I reach for a word in spanish it comes out in italian, and my english sounds like transliterated italian and spanish. At least I can understand most people. Life is odd, but good, damn good.

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Sal DeTraglia said...

Sr. Harsh:

Welcome to the land of Cervantes. Here's a little inside information. If you have some free time, I highly recommend the following bar:

"La Castela"
Doctor Castelo, 22.
Metro Stop: Ibiza
Closed Sundays.

The bar is in front and has (IMOHO) the best tapas in Madrid. You'll get one free with each drink, which will make you want more. The tapas menus are posted on boards on the walls (and specials are listed behind the bar). My favorite is the foie with puree de manzana.

Their is also a restaurant is behind the bar (i.e., go through the doorway that is on the left-hand side of the bar), and it’s outstanding. Especially the seafood and shellfish.

Have a great time in Madrid. It's the world's best city.