On the road

I was feeling a little homesick hanging out in Heathrow yesterday waiting for my flight back to bella Roma (there's no place like Rome), so I decided to get a book that would exacerbate, or alleviate it. I picked up Kerouac's On the Road at an overpriced Heathrow bookshop and dove in.

I was diggin on the book for a couple hours when it occured to me that I've probably seen more countries (if you include principalities) than states. I think it's about time to change that. Given that I now have friends in all sorts of unusual places like Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Conneticut, and even DC, it may be time for a roadtrip. I have decided that if I get some time off from work in August (Italy is completely shut down for two weeks) I will actually drive through, dare i say it, red states and fly-overs.

If you guys have any one horse town recommendations, or favorite koa sites, just drop em in the comments.

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