Rockin out in London

This city shuts down early, real early. I haven't had much time to explore, but it looks like if you don't want to go to a club, you are SOL for anything to do after 11. All of the bars, restaurants, and cafes are locked down at 11 or so, and with the ridiculous pricing, I'm finding it hard to get into this city. Last night I had a great dinner ( oysters to start, grilled monkfish, and a dill vodka), but what should have cost 40-45 bucks, came in around 40 pounds. So long as you don't pay attention to the currency everything looks right, but I'm paid in dollars, and convert prices compulsively, so it's a little rough. I'm gonna reserve full judgement till I get a bit of time to really get to know the city, but it's no Rome (which I fell in love within a day of walking around).

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