Rome winding down

In less than 9 days I will be in NYC for some much needed r&r. This trip has been fantastic, and I have a new favorite city, but the work has worn on me and living in a hotel for over a month is a little rough. The accomodations have been great, it's the little things like how the TV sound plays on a speaker in the bathroom as well (which incidentally is connected to the tv via a standard mono 1/8" plug, and the speaker is amplified, so it's a perfect external speaker for my ipod), my nice view of the pool and golf course (I actually spent one sunday working out by the pool, it rocked, but that was 3 weeks ago and now it's raining), and the periodic gifts I get since I've been here over a month so far.

I never realized how much I depend on variety in food, today I found myself desperately needing something other than Italian. Luckily tonight my co-worker felt the same way, so we grabbed Chinese. We found a place in piazza largo argentina. The aromatic fried duck was excellent(crisp skin, tender meat, wonderful aroma), but the juicy pork buns and shu mai left much to be desired. I finished the meal with their home-made "dolci di nutella" which were won-ton skins filled with nutella and deep fried, of course I understood the pitfalls once I saw the desert and pre punctured them and let them sit(thus safely avoiding jets of molten hazelnut-chocolaty goodness searing my mouth). I definitely should have skipped them and ended the meal on a ducky note.

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