Material Lust

Apple - iMac G5- I am soon to be the proud owner of an imac G5. I just want to stress that I did not need this computer, I have a perfectly reasonable older desktop with a flatscreen that covers 85% of the computer use I want from my personal computer. But this purchase was not a normal gear purchase for me. For some reason this apple evoked in me the kind of "I want it" feeling that I have not experienced since I was saving up for my game-gear when I was 11. For the money it is by no means the fastest or most compatible compter, but it's very pretty and it has way fewer cables attached than any other non-laptop I would get (bluetooth mouse and keyboard, wifi, and integral monitor). It basically does everything I would need it to as a purely fun use computer. In short, I dig it. There is something brilliant in this product, I know I don't need it, there are many rationalizations I could use for getting it, but at the end of the day I just want it. All I have left to say is, as a long term PC user I welcome our new well styled all-in-one computer overlords.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to our cult...uh, I mean club. Yeah, that's it. Club.

Evan Elder said...

I feelya man. Enjoy that OSX. At least you didn't just drop a load on a PowerMac G5 and a crazy apple display (neither did I) Be careful of that cult, and avoid getting caught up with all those peeps on macrumors.com and thinksecret

Anonymous said...

bout frigging time