New hotel status, or "It's good to be da king"

So today was my 32nd day in rome. I have spent one night in the Holiday Inn-Parco de Medici(a craptacular hotelgiven it's 185 euro a night), and I have spent 30 nights in the Sheraton golf, a much nicer and cheaper (but still overpriced) hotel. So they were nice to me before, and periodically gave me gifts, but now things have definitely changed for the better. Today they gave me a small bottle of wine, and a couple pears with good parmiggiano. When I went down to breakfast the hotel business manager introduced himself to me and gave me his card in case he could do anything to improve my stay. When I got back to my room tonight the bed had been turned down and there was a little almond cookie on the pillow, a bathrobe hangning in the bathroom(to use, not keep), and comfy slippers to wear around the room. That's right, I'm at gold status now baby. It only took about 5k euros, but now they have lavished a total of 30 euros or so of extra service on me, and I like it. Suddenly everyone in the hotel knows my name, and at the bar the "house" wine is suddenly a better one, and the glass is bigger. I'm officially a vip at the sheraton golf now, "hail to the king baby."

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