Another night on the town

Today we had a lot of good progress and we had to leave aprocess running so we went out to rome for dinner. We went to a little Osteria in Piazza di Pietra. Originally they didn't want to seat us outside because it was too cold, but we perservered due to the lack of free tables inside. The dinner was excellent, and will be described below. The meal was made more interesting by the sudden downpour that hit. Being in good spirits when the waitress came out and told us there were no tables inside and we could cancel our main dish orders, we merely asked about umbrellas. Sure enough within seconds she had returned with a couple umbrellas we could hold while eating. The food was so good we didn't notice the extra effort of holding an umbrella to eat. The owner thought it was so funny he took pictures of us eating in the downpour with umbrellas, it was one of those things we just had to do to embrace the moment. However, as the wind picked up we decided to go in for desert.
The meal step by step:
Pre order: a shiraz di Lazio surprisingly delicious, can't remember the vineyard for the life of me; bread and artichoke spread

Antipasti: mix of italian meats cheeses, the main standout was a phenominal spicy soft salami/spread(it was orange in color, fatty in consistancy, super spicy, and my own little spoonful of heaven)

Primi: skipped, gotta keep lean and mean

Secondi: Roast Buffalo in a brunello reduction. Lean and beefier than beef, with a tasty wine sauce; not much room for improvement, but with such a lean meat it should have been cooked a little less.

Dolci: This was the clear winner in the meal, beating out the meaty soft salami and beffy main course. The delicious combination of a flourless chocolate torte with a sauce of stewed pear and ginger. The sauce itself would have merited a blog entry, but with the thin hark heavy torte and tart berry garnish, this dish bordered on cullinary brilliance.

Digestif:Some clear unknown anise liqueur comped for the comedy in the rain, followed with an illy espresso

We followed the dinner with a drink at one of my favorite bars, where I had an oban to cap off the night. I'm gonna miss this place, of course after over a month of hotel livin I want to be home again, but man am I gonna miss nights like this.

Of course we then returned to the hotel to work for a few hours, but that's just how we roll yo. We hard core, down wit da cep (complex event processing), mom (message oriented middleware), and straight up bem (business event management). We tuck our polos deep, and rock our khakis with a cuff and pleat, other IT can't be us or see us. (In case you were wondering this is what happens when you work too many hours behind a computer and listen to too much 90's rap).

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