What a long strange trip it's been...

This trip to australia has definitely had its share of highlights of good days, but 24 days on a work trip can wear. Melbourne is a great city of little bars and cafes tucked in side streets and alleyways, it's got a very european feel and it's not unusual to see people having a drink at lunchtime. The reason why is simple, the weather here blows. Great city, but the weather is like Seattle. Sydney has more of a rushed big city feel and the people aren't as nice, but they are better looking and the weather's significantly better. Sydney vs. Melbourne seems to be athe LA vs. SF rivalry, except Melbourne has more of a european feel than SF. So, day after tomorrow I go back to the states to grab a little slice of summer which seems to have mostly passed in my time down under, but it's been a hell of a trip. It's amazing how much you can learn in the field , "heaps" of hard work but it's been worth it.

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