Fallen Protagonists (Movie Spoiler)

Tonight I saw better luck tomorrow, I've been on this asian film kick lately ( fulltime killer, the debut, tampopo, and an old zatoichi movie), but this is one I may have to add to my collection. Aside from the movie being good, the initials are BLT, how could I go wrong. The story kind of fits in well with Memento, Swimming with Sharks, and The Player. Like the others, its got this great descent of the protagonist that's almost shakespearean. I think the key to having a likable character do something awful is that moment of understanding where the act could be prevented or confessed to after the fact, but the protagonist just continues knowing full well that their actions are evil. The other clutch aspect of these movies is that for our fallen protagonists, their uppance doesn't come within the scope of the movie. Every once in a while it's good to remember that karma isn't enforced, regardles of who's hitler hairdo makes us feel ill.

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