St patrick's day or kiss me, I'm irish

Themes and soundtracks
  • The Ventures- Hawaii 5.0 Theme
  • The Seatbelts- Tank(Cowboy Bebop)
  • Mancini- Peter Gunn Theme
  • U2 -Mission Impossible Theme
  • Propellerheads- OHMSS(Bond)
  • A3-Woke up this morning(Sopranos)
  • Propellerheads-Spybreak(Matrix)
  • The Ventures-Pulp Fiction Theme

So today's a short playlist . The weather today has been once again beautiful, soon I'm gonna have to stop posting about nice weather and get used to it. The way it's been you'd think I was in LA. Erin Go Bragh   In Honor of St Patrick's day tonight I shall partake of carbombs ( boiler-makers with guiness and a shot of half irish whiskey, half irish cream liquer), and some sort of stew with meat and potatoes, ideally no cabbage, but it's up to my cousin who's making it.

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