Good Day- Sunshine

Beautifull Weather Playlist

  • Fatboy Slim- Right here right now
  • Looper- Mondo 77
  • groove armada- I see you baby
  • M/A/R/R/s- pump up the volume
  • wiseguys- start the commotion
  • fatboy slim- gangsta trippin
  • propellerheads- velvet pants
  • Moby -Bodyrock
  • Ocean's 11-deep end
  • Fatboy Slim -satisfaction skank
  • Dub Pistols- Cyclone
  • Fatboy Slim- Magic Carpet Ride
  • Daft Punk- Da funk
  • Beverly Hills cop theme- Axel F
  • Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Delux- Sunday Shining
  • Basement Jaxx- Red Alert
  • Darude- Sandstorm
  • Finley Quaye- Sunday Shining
  • Beck- Tropicalia
  • Cibo Matto- Flowers
  • Caviar- Tangerine Speedo
  • Beck-Deadweight

So it is a beautifull day out here in Palo Alto, 75 degrees, crystal clear air, gorgeous sun. The kind of day that makes one want to play hookie and throw around the frisbee, or hit the beach. Man am I glad my office has a window. In honor of this first truly gorgeous day this year I've tossed together a little summery playlist to groove to. There were many more songs I wanted to add, but well, the playlist takes up a lot of real estate. So here's a flash animation from the past come back to haunt us Gonads and Strife when flash animations were crude, choppy and hilarious. If you don't already do so regularly, hit up strongbad emails at homestar runner it's worth it to go back a while and get to know the characters but beware, it can eat up lots of time

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