So on my recent road trip to the land of my birth I made a stop in Buffalo. I had a mission, to find and consume buffalo wings. After consulting my buffalo food expert Gyppo Lou my companions and I spent 25 minutes getting from the buffalo airport to Gabriel's Gate home of the best wings in all of Buffalo. With the Gabriel's Gate Brown Ale and the "Hot" strength wings( more like medium at most Buffalo establishments) it was instantly clear that these wings were the source of the city's woes, afterall with such wings and beer we'd be obese and unemployed as well, the wings were juicy, crispy, and delicious and the ale was like a less sweet Newcastle. The food was great and the atmosphere great in a dive bar-ish way, but the really puzzling thing about the restaurant was its engrish menu with such gems as "For the men and women of business its location is unequalled"

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