British police really fucked up

According to The Daily Telegraph, He walked to the train, sat down and was shot. I Don't know how accurate this news piece is but it makes me a little freaked out about my impending 3 month stay in London. Being slightly brown, and someone who could easily look out of place I'm thinking that tube rides might not be the best idea. Well, it looks like LA isn't the only place where innocent people have to worry about multiple point blank headshots from overzealous frightened cops.


Anonymous said...

wow! be careful!! though i guess that wouldn't have helped in this guy's case. yuch!

but even their (alleged) reasons for wanting to shoot him are lame. just because he was rushing? and im sure people jump the stiles all the time, and not for terrorist reasons. what stupidheads!


Anonymous said...

make sure you waive an American flag and show your patriotism on a foreign soil. that's the spirit!