Python for kids

At this blog entry:davidbau.com: Haaarg, world! you can see how a father begins teaching his son to use a programming language for the first time. I think this is fantastic and it reminds me of when my dad first helped me get started on the commodore64 with a basic program.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Hello SeƱor HarshKarma:

Just an FYI...I've added a link to your blog from the sidebar of mine. Hope that's OK. If not, just let me know.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Hello Mr. Harsh:

Just an FYI…I was recently “tagged” to participate in an interesting meme. The topic is “Top 5 Favorite Food Memories from Childhood.” As part of the meme, I was supposed to “tag” four other blogs that might do it justice. Well…I tagged yours, because you seem as food-crazy as I am. Plus, it would be interesting to hear childhood food memories from an Indian perspective.

It’s all strictly for fun…and strictly optional. If you don’t feel like doing it, then don’t give it a second thought. At the very least, I gave your blog an extra bit of publicity on mine.

But if you are interested (and you certainly don’t need to write as much as I did), details are at http://saldetraglia.blogspot.com/2005/08/thanks-for-meme-ries.html


u said...

Dude, do the foodblog thing. Seriously. I'm curious to see what you remember!

Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...

dood, that link is the cutest ting EVER!