Working from home...er I mean the hotel... er I mean home

So today I got up, got ready and was considering hopping on the tube when I thought...hmm. The last attempt on london yesterday was unsuccessful. If I was an anti-western terrorist zealot I really wouldn't let that kinda thing stand, cause if there's one thing I imagine you should be good at as murderous fanatic it's got to be following through.

I'm not a generally timid person but the idea of being trapped undergrownd freaks the hell out of me. I'm not at all scared about being blown to smitherines ( if you are close enough to the bomb I bet you don't feel a thing), but the idea of being trapped under rubble or getting maimed really gives me the willies. So I figured I'd cab it. Unfortunately the rest of London seems to have come to the same conclusion that I have so there's a security alert/blockage and no cabbie will take me into London City. Yes, I came back from sunny warm Rome yesterday night barely making my busy commuter flight to sit in a hotel all day periodically gazing out into the grayness. At least my room here is nice and the hotel has wireless.

On a darkly funny side-note I heard a conversation today in my futile attempt to get a cab where one english woman said to her traveling companion "I rekon these days it really is more likely for me to be attacked by terrorists than to get married." Her friend off-handedly responded "Oh, I'm sure that's been true for years. Where shall we go for breakfast?"


Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...

how sad!! for that girl!

is it true they now have a monthly toll to enter and exit london proper by car?

u said...

BWAH! That's awesome. (The friend's comment). I understand your freaked-out-ness about being underground. I still have worries about earthquakes everytime I go through the transbay tube.

Anonymous said...

didnt know you had a weakness. Next time we are going to a small ass club/bar ~samurai jack